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An Insider's View By A Practicing Family Physician

Dr. Hollenbeck's Sacred Trust reveals the art and practice of medicine and opens a window into its soul. 

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With wry humor, no-holds-barred candid writing style, Dr. Hollenbeck pops the balloon of sanctity that insulates those at the top of the medicine field, exposing the ills behind her profession and recommends the overhaul needed to make the medicine machine hum. Funny, poignant, enlightening and empowering, Sacred Trust: The Ten Rules of Life, Death, and Medicine is often unsettling but is sure to inspire a new generation to choose the high road to healing.

Praise For Sacred Trust!

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This book is, hands down, the most inspirational and uplifting books I've read during my training as a medical student. Dr. Hollenbeck is the type of physician we should all strive to become-- someone wholeheartedly dedicated to patient care and unwilling to tolerate cutting corners for the sake of laziness, complacency, or the desire for better compensation from insurance companies. Clearly she is someone who loves being a doctor, who recognizes the responsibility and dedication she owes to her patients, and who genuinely treasures the unique privilege of sharing such sacred moments of life and death with other human beings. This honest and forthcoming book is priceless advice for anyone entering the medical profession.

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As a Public Health RN working in a small MA town, I collaborated with Dr. Hollenbeck on many of her clients, if which I was one. She was not only a true friend, wonderful and conscientious physician, but gave her all to her profession. Unfortunately, these health professionals are few and far between. She was in a one-MD town, and unfortunately, could not continue an unbelievable work schedule, with a new baby. I have been an RN for 43 years, and I have not yet met a more compassionate and caring Family Practitioner!

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This is a marvelous work. All physicians should read it, and lots of patients should, too. The anecdotes will stay with you long after you put it down, and if you're not a physician, you'll expect more of your doctors after you read Dr. Hollenbeck's lovely little book. It's full of medical wisdom, but practical wisdom, too, in the form of Dr. Hollenbeck's mother's Irish sayings. Just a complete pleasure to read! I enjoyed every page.

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Sacred Trust does an excellent job of describing Dr. Hollenbeck's experiences and lessons, and more importantly their importance in medicine. It blends humor and serious topics fluidly. Afterwards I had a better understanding of what to expect from the medical profession, and it gave me the confidence to demand it. I wish all my doctors (past, present, and future) would read this. I intend on purhasing this book for all my friends in med school.

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This was a great book! Once I got started on it I could not put it down! I know the Doctor is writing a new book, can hardly wait til it comes out!

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